welcome to mongolia

   If you have an unconventional and adventurous spirit, and are more than willing to challenge your perceptions and your routine, choose Mongolia. It takes you occasionally back in time and connects you to the Mother Nature. In the land as diverse and vast as Mongolia, you have plenty of historical, natural and cultural places to explore whilst immersing yourself in the breathtaking views and trying your hand at traditional activities.


There are different ways of traveling in Mongolia depending on what your preferences are and we always make sure that your interests and needs are well reflected in our itineraries. If not consult with us to make it tailor made for you.


   Rich cultural heritage of nomads have created arts like no other, their music and songs will let you travel in space as a total reflection of the vast expanses of the Gobi desert, eternal blue sky, Siberian taiga forest, imposing Altai ranges, murmur of rushing rivers and so on. It is the story of the people whose ancestor Genghis Khan is long gone that will fascinate you.

Why small group travel?

     Traveling small group is not just about sharing your expenses but about your experience and sharing it with your fellow like-minded travelers.  Our small group tours comprise a maximum of 12 individuals and there is a plenty of room to find some interesting people whom you wouldn’t have crossed roads if it wasn’t in Mongolia.

Why travel with us?

   We treat our clients as if they were a part of our family. This is accomplished through our small scale and well-connected network of suppliers and enable us constantly deliver on our promises while our tour programs are carefully devised keeping in mind what Mongolia has to offer in the most authentic and traditional way possible.